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Although the terms Counselling and Psychotherapy are often used interchangeably, in practice there can be a difference of emphasis. For example, counselling often focuses on specific issues and is structured to help you to address and resolve a particular problem. This is how I work with clients with addiction issues, and with couples with relationship difficulties.

Psychotherapy is often more long term and might focus on a broader range of issues. All peoples' lives are affected by unconscious feelings and conflicts and psychotherapy will help bring these into the daylight where you can understand them and learn how to deal with them. My aim for you in therapy is for you to gain healthier emotional responses and to change the repeat patterns in your life interfering with you reaching your personal goals and experiencing satisfying relationships with others and yourself.


Addictions and Co-Dependency

Some of my clients know they have an addiction problem but they have not been able or willing to address it properly. This can be alcoholism, drugs, sex or love addiction, pornography, gambling, video gaming, debt, workaholism, OCD, food disorders, or any type of compulsive behaviour which is getting out of control.

For others, it is the addictive behaviour of partners or other family members which is causing angst in the lives.

Other clients are in denial at first but come to see that beneath their immediate worries their addictive behaviour is the fundamental problem to be tackled before other issues can be amenable to therapy.

In all these cases, I help the client to confront their compulsions and guide them where possible onto a path of recovery based on a 12 Step programme.

Couples Counselling

Being in an intimate love relationship inevitably brings into play all the unresolved issues of our childhood. If aided to identify them, however, we can learn how to work in tandem with our partner to change and overcome "old ways" of relating which are undermining our relationship and preventing us from connecting deeply in a trusting and meaningful way. My role as your counsellor is to facilitate this healing process.

You will experience this broadly speaking as an Exploration stage, an Understanding stage and an Action stage, although in practice they will overlap a lot of the time. Hopefully, you will both develop a willingness to make changes to your own behaviours which will heal you in your relationship and strengthen the relationship itself.

My approach is primarily underpinned by an understanding of Family Systems, Transference and Psychodynamic Theory, but I incorporate other elements as well via an Integrative Model.

Couples sessions often require more time than one -to - one sessions. With your agreement, they can vary from 60 mins to 75mins or even 90 mins in order to expand the time for your needs or to match your preferred way of working or attending.


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